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Violin making in 2018

This year I am building violins inspired by Amati, Guarneri del Gesu, and Stradivari. Late last year I completed a 5 string violin that I designed, based on an Amati. I have been commissioned to build another one this year, once again using all local wood. I am also building some petite full size violins in local and European wood.  I am now booking commissions for mid 2019.


I work with local wood- Sitka Spruce and Big Leaf Maple. I also build with Alpine Spruce and Balkan Maple. I stay strongly within the traditions of violin making, but I am not a copiest. I build instruments based on great instruments of the past, but make each instrument also my own. I honour the past masters and strive to the highest standard of craftsmanship. I love using materials from the new world in building an instrument form the old world. I work in service to the music and the musician.


I make my own varnish and am continually experimenting with different pigments, resins, and tweaking recipes. I often antique my instruments, giving them the glow and character much treasured in older violins. 


I strive to create an instrument that has the complexity and nuance of tone required by a discerning musician. I believe that each violin has as soul of sorts- a true individual voice. It is a trusted partner for the violinist. I aim to craft violins with outer beauty and inner warmth. I love to hear them sing.


I am always working on a violin- please visit my workbench page to see what I am currently building. I welcome enquiries about commissions. My instagram account often chronicles closely what I’m working on. Take a look: laura_wallace_luthier