Preparing a Fiddola for varnishing

Preparing a Fiddola for varnishing

Preparing a fiddola for varnishing

June 2014


I like to perfect the fingerboard and nut before I begin varnishing. I temporarily glue on the fingerboard and plane it and then fit the nut. You can see in the photo below the wider fingerboard that I have placed on the violin. The ebony flares out, allowing for that extra fifth string. The fingerboard is just a few mm wider than a standard violin fingerboard, but it makes all the difference for playability. If the strings are too close together at the nut it can be hard to get the precision you need. A fingerboard that is too wide can also creates its own issues. I’ve made many fiddolas and done many conversions, and I have found the perfect width for comfort and playability.



My last fiddola has sold, and I didn’t take any photos of it in progress. But here it is on the workbench before it headed out the door….




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