The Red Violin (1/4 size)

The Red Violin (1/4 size)

The Red Violin (1/4 size)

July 2014

I had the pleasure of setting up this gem from long ago. It is labeled “A La Ville de Padoue, Nicolas DUCHENE”. It’s from the Thibouville-Lamy shop in France from many, many decades ago. It is the nicest sounding 1/4 violin I’ve played, and I’ve played many little fiddles! It was in my shop for a set up, but came back a month later because of an accident that cracked the top. I was able to use my Hart-style clamps to seal the crack and make it essentially invisible. It is much easier to make a crack “disappear” when it is fresh, before years of dirt, oil and grime coat the crack edges.

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