German Fiddola Receiving New Neck

German Fiddola Receiving New Neck

German Fiddola Receiving New Neck

November 2014


I’ve had this old student viola kicking around for years. It has very wide set f-holes, and originally had a screwed on neck with a very narrow fingerboard. Perhaps it was a child’s viola- it is the size of a violin. I could have restored it back to a violin, but it was odd and seemed destined to be a 5-string. So it’s finally getting there. The original neck was too thin and odd, even if it were to be a violin again. And the pegbox was thin. Not a worthy candidate for a neck graft. The perfect candidate for a new top block (original one was split in two) and a new neck and scroll. It is an unlabeled instrument; I’ve been calling it the German Fiddola.


Before neck setting


Neck setting in progress


5-string neck set and ready for varnishing


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