Hopf Violin Repair

Hopf Violin Repair

Hopf Violin Repair

February 2015


I have the pleasure of bringing a beautiful old violin back to life this month. It has survived many challenges in its long life. Unfortunately at one point it was incorrectly repaired so I have to undo some major damage. However, it will be a beautiful violin again soon. Here are some photos of the violin taken apart. Note the two bassbars- something I’ve never seen before. The additional bassbar on the treble side was made of cedar. I have now removed it. My focus for the next few days is to carefully remove as much of the modern glue and incorrect repair so that I can begin to carefully restore the violin. An update will appear soon.

HOPFdoublebassbars HOPFcentreboutlining HOPFlowerboutlining HOPFendblockwarpedrib HOPFfingerboardalignment HOPFneckribdamage HOPFtopblock


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