Alard 2018

Alard 2018

A Petite 4/4 Violin Inspired by the “Alard” Amati

Summer 2018

I was commissioned to build this violin for a lovely violinist who wanted an instrument that was more comfortable to play, and had a beautiful rich sound. After discussing different models and wood choices, we settled on the “Alard” Amati as a starting point. It is on the small side for a full size violin at 350mm rather than the more common 355mm. Yes, that half a centimeter can make a big difference! After trying instruments I had made using European wood and using the local stuff, my client chose a fully local violin- Sitka Spruce and Big Leaf Maple. The Sitka is higher in density and gives a gorgeous warmth. Both woods are more colourful than their European cousins, and make a great base colour to start the varnish process. I completed the violin in July. It is beautiful and delicate looking, with a rich warmth. And it is just the right size!


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