“Guarneri Plowden” varnish

“Guarneri Plowden” varnish

“Guarneri Plowden” varnishing

Fall 2018

After looking at lots of posters of old instruments, my client chose to have her Guarneri Plowden-inspired violin also have varnish inspired by the original. The original has a lot of wear and damage, as you could except from existing for 100s of years. I prefer not to inflict the same level of wear on a new instrument, but I do give it a bit of character and story. Having a little unevenness to the varnish and some worn areas and maybe a few dents can make the violin look more alive. There’s also that lovely benefit that when you inevitably accidentally injure it for the first time, your little dent or chip won’t glare at you accusingly. It will take it’s place amongst the others, adding to the story.


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