Bow Rehairs

I have rehaired hundreds of bows and have ample experience with student bows and high quality professional bows. I use only horse hair and use mahogany wedges. I require the bow overnight in order to allow time for the hair to dry. I can offer a loaner bow if you require one while your bow is being rehaired or repaired.



Include stick polishing and re-cambering, new ivory or imitation ivory tipface, new silver and leather, new eyelet, pearl eye replacement, broken sticks. 



I offer four choices in hair for your violin, viola, cello or bass bow:

The BestMichael Sowden and Sons Blue String Brand Hair: this hair is the strongest and smoothest hair available.

Student Hair: This hair is strong and perfect for smaller bows and newer players.

Coloured Hair: Through years of experimentation I have found the right hair dye and can custom dye your choice of hair any colour. Most popular is the rainbow hair.

Black Hair: For bass bows.