Cello Bass Bar Crack Repair

Cello Bassbar Crack Repair

May 2017


This cello had a large bass bar crack. This is a crack that runs along the length of the bassbar on the top of the instrument. It was caused by some sort of fall or shock to the instrument. It caused the bassbar itself to come loose (it didn’t fit so well in the first place). I removed the bassbar and refit it. I glued the crack. Then I cleated the crack, with cleats that ran through where the bassbar would later sit. I then had to fit the bassbar over the cleats, then glue the bassbar down. I trimmed the cleats and glued the cello back together. I also did a small repair to the edge of the cello where it had been worn down by always being placed on its side on a carpet. Now it’s ready to play again- no sign of injury unless you look inside and see the repair!