Bows For Sale

Rainbow Bows

Black fibreglass bows with rainbow hair:  violin $95     cello $105

Interested? Contact and she can answer any questions you have and get your bow to you.

I hand dye the bows and can custom dye a bow for you any colour or combination of colours. A custom dyed bow is $120.

I can ship to anywhere in the world. Please e-mail for a quote for your Canadian province or country.

I also carry carbon fibre bows and wooden bows.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.


I carry basic wooden student bows and  higher level German student bows.

For professional level bows more than $800, I recommend visiting Kim Tipper who has a large collection of both old and contemporary bows. I am a particular fan of Reid Hudson, who makes exquisite bows that are played around the world.