Handmade Violins

Yes, we also work on violas at Clement & Wallace Violins!

Luthier Laura Wallace can create a handmade violin uniquely suited to your playing style and taste, whether you are located in Vancouver, BC or St. John’s, NL.

Currently, the wait list for a new instrument is about a year. Get in touch to enquire about having Laura build an instrument for you. The process of commissioning an instrument is a unique experience that allows you to play a meaningful role in how your instrument looks, feels and sounds.

“I have developed my own personal style and sound palette over more than a decade of violinmaking. I love using local and European wood, or a combination of the two to tell a specific story with each instrument. The overall form, the way the scroll looks, and the final choice of varnish all contribute to creating a unique instrument with its own particular soul. I aim to build instruments with great warmth and rich, chocolate tones. My goal is to make an instrument that is a pleasure to play and is gorgeous to look at.”

-Laura Wallace


I recently completed a violin inspired by the Titian Stradivari from 1715. This violin has a 1 piece back, a very gently antiqued spirit varnish, and a huge sound. SOLD


Other Instruments For Sale

We have a small collection of older full size violins available (listed below).  Since 2012 we have been converting, varnishing and setting up 5-string violins (fiddolas) by request, and often have one in the shop available to purchase.  We also offer custom varnish on high level student 4-string violins, called the Northern Sun.  We always have a 4/4 Northen Sun Cello in the shop.  We have a gorgeous full size 5-string Northern Sun cello with an E string available. Contact us for more details.


Summer 2024: I haven’t had the chance to update this list with everything we have available, so please do get in touch if you are shopping for a violin. There are a few more gems in the shop at the moment, and many waiting restoration that might be waiting just for you!

Available Instruments

Deutsche Arbeit Violin 1886

A joy to play with mellow tone, this violin was brought to Powell River over 75 years ago. It is likely a German student instrument from 1886. It has been only lightly played over its lifetime and has now been restored and is ready for a new player. Set up with Violino strings, a Wittner fine tuning tailpiece and ebony fittings. SOLD

F. E. Small Mystery Violin 1913

With a stunning one piece back, this violin came into the shop with a broken button and no scroll. Lovingly restored in our shop, this violin is now singing very sweetly. Perhaps inspired by Amati, this full size violin was possibly made by F.E. Small in Kelowna in 1913. It was well loved in the past and has many mysteries surrounding its provenance and its past life. Ready to be loved and played again. Set up to professional standards with Evah Pirazzi strings and ebony fittings. Available at our shop on the Sunshine Coast. SOLD

15″ Viola “Euro Standard Antique”

An easy-to-play viola that’s a great size for those used to the violin, this small viola was made in Romania in 2008. It is a rich orange colour with no antiquing and no signs of wear. It has a glorious, full, rich sound and is ideal for a smaller student who may be switching to viola, or choosing to play both viola and violin. Set up with ebony fittings, a Wittner fine-tuning tailpiece and Obligato strings. Available in our shop on the Sunshine Coast. SOLD

Marc Laberte Violin

Labeled “Ateliers de Lutherie D’Art MARC LABERTE MIRECOURT_Vosges_France”. A beautiful, crisp orange-red varnish with shading. An excellent example of the Marc Laberte shop violins. A big, broad sound. Ebony fittings with a Wittner fine-tuning tailpiece. Available in our shop on the Sunshine Coast. $3250

Northern Sun Fiddola 2021 “Lund”

This is a 5-string violin for a fiddler or classical player looking for more versatility. This fiddola is the size of a 4/4 violin with a wider fingerboard. It was converted, varnished and set up in our shop on the Sunshine Coast. An even tone through all 5 strings.  Varnished with a classic warm brown. Outfitted with a 5 string Wittner fine tuning tailpiece and Dominant strings. Ebony fittings.  $2400


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