Northern Sun Fiddola “Huberman” 2015

Northern Sun Fiddola 2015 “Huberman”

This is a 5-string violin for a fiddler or classical player looking for more versatility. Play the viola part and the violin part without switching instruments. Fiddlers love fiddolas for the increase in harmonies available with the addition of the low C string. This fiddola is the size of a 4/4 violin with a wider fingerboard. The top has been re-thicknessed to refine the tone; it was then converted, varnished and set up in my shop on the Sunshine Coast. An even tone through all 5 strings, this instrument is particularly warm. Antique varnishing to resemble the famous Huberman Strad from 1713 currently played by Joshua Bell. Outfitted with a 5 string Wittner fine tuning tailpiece, a 3 tree Despiau bridge and Evah Pirazzi strings. Ebony fittings. Available in my shop on the Sunshine Coast. SOLD