Northern Sun Varnishing


May 2014


Below are some photos of the varnishing process as the violin goes from white to fully varnished. The completed violin is not ready for photos yet- it’s still drying. ┬áThe colour pallet is gold and red, and the idea was to capture the warmth of a sunset. This was by request of M. who is in young violinist moving up to her first full size. Instead of a solid colour overall, I followed the natural wear patterns of older violins in order to give the violin more personality and to allow for more colours. You’ll see that the fingerboard has been removed for the varnishing, but in one photo it magically reappears. I just placed it on the violin to have a visual of what it will look like once set up. They’ll be photos of the completed violin soon.

GoldBaseTopMayaS GoldBaseBackMayaS GoldRedTopMayaS RedtopwithFBMayaS RedShadeTopMayaS RedShadeBackMayaS