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Rentals are available for anyone living on the lower and upper Sunshine Coast. Our shop is based in qathet, but we make regular visits to Roberts Creek. We will e-mail you once we receive this form and arrange a time for you to pick up your violin from Roberts Creek or qathet.

This rental form is for violin rentals only. If you are interested in a viola or cello rental, please contact us to check availability.

Rentals include the case, rosin, bow and violin (of course!) They also include a shoulder rest. Most violins come with a bow with rainbow hair. Violin rentals are $26/month, including tax. Generally people pay via e-transfer for one semester at a time. You can also pay monthly by automatic e-transfers if you prefer. A semester is 5 months: Sept-Jan and Feb-June. If you continue renting over the summer, you can receive one month free when you renew.  A semester rental fee is $130. You can return your violin at anytime and will receive a refund for any un-used months.

Violin sizes range from 1/10th to 4/4. We will be able to assess the correct size for your child based on age most of the time. If you think your child is small or tall for their age, just let us know and we will adjust. If you are older than about 14 years, you’ll be on a 4/4 size.  If you find that the size is incorrect once you begin lessons, just let us know and we can swap it out.


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    Payment Type:

    I will send an e-transfer lump sum payment at the start of each semester to A 5 month semester (Sept-Jan) or (Feb-June) is $130.00 each.I will set up automatic e-transfers to for the first of each month. Monthly rent is $26.00.I wish to pay by credit card. Please send me credit card payable invoice for the semester. Credit card payments for one semester are $135.00It's mid-semester, mid-month or summer. Please e-mail me with the amount owing.

    Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

    The renter is responsible for the instrument for the duration of the rental. If the instrument is lost, stolen, or severely damaged, the renter will be responsible for the cost of replacing the instrument. Fractional violins are $650 to replace, and 4/4 are $950. Broken strings will be replaced at the expense of the renter. Minor repairs and bow rehairs are included in the rental fee. The rental includes a Kun or Viva shoulder rest, if required by the player. If the shoulder rest is lost or damaged, the renter is responsible for paying the replacement fee of $40.00.

    The renter may put stickers on the fingerboard to help with finger placement, and those can be left on when the instrument is returned. Please do not put stickers on the body of the instrument.

    Rent is due on the first of each month. Automatic e-transfers can be set up through your online banking. Semester payments are also accepted (5 months at a time) If the instrument is not returned at the end of the agreed upon rental period, rent is owing until the instrument is returned.

    If you prefer to use credit card, you can do so with semester payments (5 months at a time). There is a small fee for credit card payments. This is not a rent-to-own program. If the renter would like to purchase the instrument, the first six months of rent (before taxes) can be used as rental credit towards the purchase of the instrument.

    The instrument is due back at the end of the agreed upon rental period, or the rental can be renewed. You will receive an e-mail reminding you of your options. If you wish to cancel your rental at any time, once you return the instrument you will be refunded the amount you have pre-paid. There are no partial monthly refunds.

    I agree to the terms and conditions.


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    Adults: $25
    Children & Students free

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