Your violin may be in good condition but hasn’t been played for years. I can do a full set up on your violin- plane the fingerboard, cut a new bridge and soundpost. New pegs can be fitted if necessary and a basic cleaning done.  My training with Kim Tipper, who is renowned for his obsession with the perfect set-up, has given me the skills to bring any violin up to professional standards.

    The perfect soundpost, a smooth fingerboard and a well cut bridge can do wonders to how your violin sounds and how it feels to play.


Repairs and Restorations

    I have extensive experience doing all sorts of repairs. Basic top-off cracks repairs are the most common. I can do peg hole bushings, neck re-sets, new bass bars and sound post patches, rib repairs, fingerboard shims and more. If you run over your violin with your car (accidentally of course), I can put it back together.

    All repair estimates are free of charge. 


Fiddola Conversion

    I have converted many violins and violas to 5-string fiddolas. I am happy to look at your instrument and let you know if it is a good candidate for this. If your instrument isn’t suitable but you’re interested in the sonic possibilities of a fifth string, I have created Northern Sun Fiddolas.

    Please visit the Fiddolas page for more information.