Clement & Wallace Violins offers repair and restoration services, sales and rentals, bow rehairs (including rainbow hair) and strings and accessories. We specialize in instruments of the violin family: 4- and 5-string violins, violas, cellos and double basses, and can ship anywhere in Canada.

Violin Making

Laura works with Sitka Spruce and Big Leaf Maple as well as with Alpine Spruce and Balkan Maple. She sources wood from Vancouver Island, Haida Gwaii, the interior of British Columbia, and Europe. She stays strongly within the traditions of violin making and his inspired by the great makers of the past, but is not a copiest.

Laura builds violins with rich, chocolate tones and an overall warmth. She loves to work with clients to create a model of instrument that fits their specific needs.

Currently the wait list for a new instrument is about a year. Get in touch to enquire about having Laura build an instrument for you. The process of commissioning an instrument is a unique experience that allows you to play a meaningful role in how your instruments looks, feels and sounds.


Good Vibrations Strings offer rentals for anyone living on the lower and upper Sunshine Coast.  The shop is based in qathet, but Laura and Brigitte make regular visits to Roberts Creek.

Rentals include the case, rosin, bow and violin (of course!) They also include a shoulder rest. Most violins come with a bow with rainbow hair.

Violin sizes range from 1/10th to 4/4. We will be able to assess the correct size for your child based on age most of the time. If you think your child is small or tall for their age, just let us know in your e-mail and we will adjust. If you are older than about 14 years, you’ll be on a 4/4 size.

Visit for more info and to fill out a rental form.

Repair and Rehair


We offer the full spectrum of repair, from changing a string to a full crack repair and neck re-set. If you run over your violin with a car (accidentally, of course) we can put it back together.

All repair estimates are free of charge.

5-string Conversion

We can look at your violin, viola or cello and let you know if it is a good candidate for conversion. If your instrument isn’t suitable but you’re interested in the sonic possibilities of a fifth string, we have created Northern Sun Fiddolas

Bow Rehair and Repair

We use horse hair for our rehairs and use mahogany wedges. We usually require the bow overnight in order to allow time for the hair to dry, but can do same-day rehairs if necessary. We can offer a loaner bow if you require one while your bow is being rehaired or repaired. We receive and ship bows for rehair by mail.

We use quadruple picked hair to eliminate all weak and knobbly hairs.

Rehair Rates:

violin and viola bows, 4/4 and 3/4: $95

rainbow hair: $95

1/2 violin and smaller: $80

cello: $99

bass: $110 (black hair available)

custom colour violin: $110

Contact us to book a rehair.


We offer the full range of violin, viola, and cello accessories: strings, chinrests, tailpieces, shoulder rests, cases, etc.

When it’s time for a new set of strings, we can discuss with you the different choices available and what may suit your instrument and budget. We change the strings, lubricate the notches and ensure the pegs are working well. A yearly string change is a good opportunity to have your violin checked over.


Tue ‒ Thu: 09am ‒ 07pm
Fri ‒ Mon: 09am ‒ 05pm

Adults: $25
Children & Students free

673 12 Constitution Lane Massillon
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