Spring 2018 Kelowna

A Fascinating, Mystery Repair

Spring 2018


I’ve had this violin in my collection for several years, waiting for the chance to bring it back to life. I finally started last year, after consulting with the lovely violin maker Brian Hoover, of Bowen Island, on how to tackle the disaster that was the broken button and a poorly executed, messy repair. We decided that the cleanest repair was to remove  the poorly repaired button and the area below it and place a matching piece of wood there. On the inside I then did a patch to stabilize everything. There was a lot of other fun stuff too- patches to the top and bottom block area on the front and a soundpost patch. The original neck and scroll was long gone by the time the violin arrived in my shop, so I salvaged a scroll from among my collection and varnished it to match the beautiful golden varnish of the original. It was a complex project and I am very pleased with how it turned out. It’s a gorgeous little violin.