Sunshine Coast Violin Rentals

 Wallace Violins offers rentals for anyone living on the lower and upper Sunshine Coast.  The shop is based in Powell River, but Laura makes regular visits to Roberts Creek. 

Rentals include the case, rosin, bow and violin (of course!) They also include a shoulder rest. Most violins come with a bow with rainbow hair. Rentals are $25/month, including tax. 

Violin sizes range from 1/10th to 4/4. We will be able to assess the correct size for your child based on age most of the time. If you think your child is small or tall for their age, just let us know in your e-mail and we will adjust. If you are older than about 14 years, you’ll be on a 4/4 size. 

Due to physical distancing requirements, we won’t be able to do size testing in person. If you find that the size is incorrect once you begin lessons, just let us know and we can swap it out. 

New renters can e-mail Brigitte ( to start the rental process.