Laura Clement Wallace


The daughter of a woodworker, I grew up watching the transformation of tree by hand and tool. I began playing the violin as a child and developed a deep love not only for the music, but for the instrument itself. It was a natural fit to combine my love of woodworking and music and pursue a career in violin making. After a brief detour earning a biology degree at the University of Victoria, I met Kim Tipper, a restorer and maker of violins. Kim is renowned for his impeccable set-up and attention to detail. I began training with Kim in 2006. I studied all areas of violin repair, restoration and bow rehairing while working with Kim at Tipper Violins. I went on to work with Brian Hoover and continue to learn from and share knowledge with colleagues in the Violin Society of America, The Makers Forum, and Women in Lutherie, along with my longtime colleagues from Victoria, Galen Hartley and Travis Short.  I now divide my time between repairing old violins and building new ones. I have been the luthier in residence for Fiddleworks for more than a decade, and am the in-house luthier for PRISMA. I am inspired by the natural beauty and expansiveness outside my shop where I live at the edge of the wilderness on the Sunshine Coast of BC.


Brigitte Ouellet

shop assistant & rental manager

True to my Acadian roots, I have been playing the fiddle since I was five years old. I’ve made my way to the Sunshine Coast by wearing many hats – performer, farm hand, wildfire fighter, forest technologist, baker, home bike mechanic, violin teacher, early childhood music educator – and now find myself very lucky to commute to the shop on a forest trail through my backyard.

You can find me doing minor repairs, organizing rentals, answering emails, and often, playing my custom 5-string Wallace violin.